3 Smartphone Lens Gadgets Under 15$

Todays smartphone cameras are pretty good, but also they have their limits. Here come 3 smartphone lenses to widen up their horizon.


1. 8X Clip-on Telescope Lens

This gadget is pretty cool because it has an 8x zoom, that let you make better photos from far distances.
Note: If you take photos with it, you should lay your phone on something that is solid. then the photos become more clearly.


2. 60X Microscope Lens

If you want to explore the world on its finest, then this gadget if for you, because it got a 60X zoom that let you see pretty small things.
Note: Also with this lens, you should lay it on something that is solid, to make better photos.


3. 3D Effect Lens

This Lens for VR-Fans because with this gadget you turn your smartphone to a 3D recorder. It splits the camera in two different angles, that let you see your recordings in 3D.
Note: To see your recordings in 3D you need a VR-Headset.

I hope you enjoyed this post and take a look at these smartphone gadgets.

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